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In this Episode I become completely vulnerable. I just talk and flow and move and Spirit, e-motions and EGO….that is right EGO. This is me being my most Authentic raw self. Sharing with you how I feel. I cried a little. Some healing happened and I share some of my deepest e-MOT!ONS. If you have not checked out Te’Aira Melvin and Jason Cutter please do so. It was led on my heart to listen to these two specific Podcast of Te’Aira’s….Evaluating your circle. This episode for hers was very powerful, because she is on to something that I JUST felt in my Spirit here recently. It was confirmation and new information. She provide insight on a deeper level for me. When you get a chance check her out. I also listen to her Episode with Jason Cutter, I couldn’t find his info but I will be on the hunt, His interview about Authentic Persuasion was right on time. It has been a struggle for me to be ME, not because of anyone else, but because of ME. Long of the short, I will be copying a purchase of his book. It seems like it is right on time. 

Alright that is all my loves….. I love you all. I intentionally left off details about this episode you will just have to listen to know. 

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