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Hello everyone my name is Jessica Greer aka Author Jessica Greer I have been contemplating starting a blog for a while now. I am already a self-published Author of 2 books and co-authored a book with my daughter Ra’Nya, however I wanted to do something different in between time of writing my third book. So here it is!! For those of you who don’t know I’ve been on the brink of hell and back. I went from wanting to die to finding a reason to live. That reason, or should I say reasons are my kids and my Creator given purpose in life. I had discovered my purpose a little over a year ago and have learned that my purpose is to bring love and compassion back in the world, to raise my kids and give them the upbringing I felt I deserved, and To heal others as I heal myself.

Healing is a gift that Keeps on giving!!

Disclaimer: I’m not here posting as if I have it all TWOGETHER, however if you take it that way that is something within you. I am only here to share my knowledge and what I have learned on my spiritual journey. I have learned a lot and seen a lot and while I know that I have some very transformative information I still understand that I don’t know everything. This is why I chose to share my journey with others so as I learned share and heal others can do the same. For me this is what life is about everyone helping each other elevate. With that, I want to share my first topic which will be a Podcast here in the near future. As most of you may know I am a self love guru! My entire awakening and ascension began when I first recognized that I didn’t value or love myself. This was a wide awakening for me because at the time I had no idea what real love was let alone self love. In the end I learned that you can not truly and openly love anyone else if you don’t love yourself. (For whatever love looks like to YOU)

SELF❤️LOVE and Sacrifice

Recently I have learned that After it’s all said and done no matter how much you love yourself …. Loving others comes with a sacrifice. Or at least that’s what I believe. I believe that if making others happy makes you happy then it’s nothing wrong with doing some things that you aren’t in the mood to do, however (in a romantic relationship) your partner must show you the same type of INNERgy!

It always starts with an epiphany….

Today it hit me on why and how relationships end. Or at least this is the cycle I have experienced and witnessed from other’s experiences.

A little back ground info

From my experiences I have always kept What I felt inside and been afraid to communicate because I didn’t want to be disappointed or hurt when what was communicated seemed like it didn’t matter. When An acknowledgment or change didn’t take place or if it did it was temporary.

I often ask myself why is it that we wait until people are out of our lives before we realize how much we love them or before we tell them how we truly feel? We take for granted when someone says they love us sometimes even focusing on other people instead of the one who is showing up for us or showing us everything we know we desire in a person. We sometimes even treat outside people better than the one we claim we love and we take for granted the fact that they love us and will be there “no matter what”, but the truth is they won’t always be there. One day you’ll lose them whether or not you lose them to death or they were fed up enough to walk away from you but surely enough one day they will be gone. So while you have the chance love a little harder. Tell them how you feel and show them how you feel then tell them how you feel again. Fight everyday for love because not everyday you will have someone to show up in your life and is willing to give you ever thing you desire……….

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