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What is Love? (Part 1)

What is love? It’s a question that has been asked for many years…through broken hearts and shedded tears. It has been asked when love isn’t felt in moments where one feels that that’s all that they give.

How is it that we can truly measure love. I have heard it before I have said it before. “I feel like I love you more than you love me”….

We aren’t inside peoples’ heart peoples’ mind. So how do we know whether or not they are loving with every capacity of love that they know how? Is it because we see how they treat other people?

I for one can say that it could very well be apart of a vicious cycle. Allow me to paint a picture for you. A man who is full of love and excitement to give love to the best of his abilities even though the first two people who were suppose to love him broke his heart. His mother and his father. They abandoned him. And because he was a boy one day to become a man he was “cheer up” it could always be worse. As a man instead of facing emotions or the hurt of neglect hearing “man up “ there were plenty of kids who didn’t have their parents.

Why do we do this? Why do we as human minimize someone’s pain or hurt by comparing to another’s? Isn’t that the problem already? Comparison; feeling less than or inadequate because one seems to be more well off than self? I believe we are the creators of a long standing vicious cycle.

The cycle of misrepresenting love and then projecting those misrepresentations on to others. Love is simple but we as human make it complicated. We allow our experiences to taint the way we love which in turn makes love conditional.

The picture still being painted

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