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Is it wrong The Way I love

How do you know? When your most deepest level of your heart is not set on intentions to hurt anyone but you don’t want to get hurt either so how do you know if you are loving incorrectly? How do you know if you were never shown what love is however you only know what love is to you!!!!

Love for me is being able to have your space when needed but understand when someone else wants their space it’s ok and that there is no reason to be hurt by it. But finding that small space in the middle to sacrifice and do things that you don’t feel like doing sometimes for the ones you love

Love for me is also being able to tell your partner anything and share everything without judgement and be able to work on healing each other together.

However hurt keeps on hurting because we try to create situations we can control as a sense of protection from feeling that same pain. However by the act of protection we end up hurting ourselves instead. We refuse to be vulnerable reducing painful things down to being strong or reaching some level of healing that you have reached when in reality you have just suppressed pain only to regurgitate it and feed the very thing you wanted to avoid in the first place.

It’s a curse. It’s a spell ….a lie you have told yourself in order to cope. You know you are strong however because forces unknown to you your mind is attacked by what ifs. But as I mentioned before just like you can say what ifs to something bad. We can always say what if to something great and shift our mindset to a level of healing that surpasses understanding.

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